Ok today I got this really wicked idea for a drawing and instantly started sketching it. But i didn’t have any idea about who the character in the picture would be (it didn’t look like Costume) and I remembered that I hadn’t done anything for this lovely lady in a long time. So, I asked for her permission and when she gave it I continued to form the sketch in Roxxie’s image. And this was the outcome!

It might not seem like much to some artists that might be very used to drawing hair and/or using colors to create shadows. But this is really a big improvement for me. 

I’ve made three versions of the picture:

1# is the finished product

2# without the bubbels

3# without background

and I also made a step by step thing so I can remember what I did for another time. But now you guys can also see how the process went.

I’m not entirely sure that I’ll use this style a lot in the future because it takes a long time to do, but the thing that actually was the hardest to do was the lines for the hair. For some reason does my tablet not allow me to use pen pressure to make the lines thinner nor thicker, so to make the hairy effects I had to use the eraser a lot and it took time. 

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